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The Australian Secondary Principals' Association promotes the professional interests of public secondary school leaders from across Australia, and the advancement of the school communities they lead.

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As the national peak body we work in partnership with our affiliated state and territory public secondary school principals' associations to promote our profession as the leading voice in secondary school education in Australia.

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Our Work

ASPA works with a range of government agencies and authorities, tertiary education institutions and researchers, professional associations and non-government organisations to influence, inform and improve national education policy, particularly in relation to public secondary education, principals and school leadership. We work collaboratively with our state and territory counterparts to build the knowledge, expertise and good standing of our profession, and are a member of the International Confederation of Principals.

We value collaboration, professionalism and integrity, and are motivated by a deep and abiding ambition to enable happy, healthy and successful futures for all Australian children, young people and their communities.

Our organisation

ASPA is a not for proft company limited by guarantee. The members of the association are the affiliated state and territory secondary principals' associations, whose leaders comprise the board of directors. The board meets formally eight times annually, face to face and online. The current president and executive director is Andy Mison.

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