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ASPA Summit Home

Welcome!  Principals, teachers, students, community orgs and NGOs, policy makers and bureacrats met together on Ngunnawal and Ngambri country on March 26, 2024 at Parliament House in Canberra to have a constructive and collaborative conversation about the future of secondary school education in Australia.

ASPA aims to shape and progress a national agenda  through this and subsequent summits that places equity of opportunity for every Australian student at the heart of policy and strengthens the capacity of our school communities to lead that important work.

Readings & Resources

ASPA has identified three themes as the most significant priorities for our school leaders and their communities:

  1. School funding and Educational Outcomes: the Equity Gap in Australia

  2. Equity and Opportunity in Senior Secondary Assessment and Certification

  3. The Role of Principals in Enabling Equity and Wellbeing in our Schools

In response, we have developed a set of propositions as 'next best steps', and gathered a collection of associated resources here on this website.  We have also received additional discussion pieces from key contributors on these  themes, which we hope will provoke, and provide stimulus for our discussions at the summit and beyond.  

We will publish a report here incorporating input from the summit. We are hoping this will be the start of a new national conversation led by government school principals. We are already planning the 2025 National Education Summit!

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