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ASPA Welcomes NT Funding Commitment

Canberra, Friday March 13 2024


ASPA welcomes the NT and Federal Government Commitment to Fully and Fairly Fund Public Schools

The Australian Secondary Principals' Association (ASPA) welcomes the announcement by Education Minister Jason Clare regarding the full and fair funding of public schools in the Northern Territory. This agreement, which will see all public schools in the NT funded to 100% of the Schooling Resource Standard (SRS) by 2029, marks a significant milestone in ensuring that every child in the region receives the support they deserve for a quality education.


ASPA President Andy Mison stated, "We commend the Northern Territory and Commonwealth Governments for their commitment to fully and fairly funding public schools. This investment will have a profound impact on the lives of students, particularly those from remote areas, and will help bridge the educational inequities that have persisted for too long in the NT."


However, while ASPA welcomes this funding commitment, there is a note of concern for the current students who may not directly benefit from the full levels of funding until 2029. Mison acknowledged, "While we are thrilled with this positive step toward supporting children in the Northern Territory, some students who are already disadvantaged may not experience the full benefits of the funding. It is crucial that we continue to prioritise their needs and ensure that they receive the necessary resources and support during this transitional period. We must ensure that the needs of every student are met, regardless of the timeline for full funding"


We are pleased that this funding will help to address the need for quality secondary education in remote locations, providing our young people pathways to job prosperity, rather than a model which has seen them board away from their communities.


We appreciate that the recommendations from the recently launched Secondary Review in the NT will be achieved through this funding, ensuring equity and excellence for all young people.


ASPA recognizes the efforts of the Northern Territory Government and the Federal Government. This collaborative approach demonstrates a shared commitment to building a strong and inclusive education system that prepares young Australians for bright futures.


As an organisation dedicated to promoting the professional interests of secondary school leaders and the advancement of their school communities, ASPA remains committed to supporting initiatives that prioritise educational equity and excellence. President Mison concluded, "We look forward to working closely with the Northern Territory Government, educators, and stakeholders to ensure the effective implementation of this funding commitment, while also addressing the needs of current students who may not immediately benefit from the full funding levels."


About ASPA:

The Australian Secondary Principals Association (ASPA) is the national peak body representing secondary school leaders across government schools in every Australian state and territory.

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