About ASPA

The Australian Secondary Principals’ Association (ASPA) is a professional body that represents the interests of principals, deputy principals and assistant principals from government secondary schools across Australia. ASPA works with the profession to shape a paradigm of leadership and learning in order to create a better, preferred future for all students in Australia’s government secondary schools.

At ASPA, we are committed to ensuring that high quality government secondary education is provided to young people no matter what their geographic, social or personal circumstances are.

Our mission at ASPA is to encourage members to work together to achieve excellence in Principalship for the benefit of young Australians.

Our Story

ASPA has evolved from an Association into a Company Limited by Guarantee. The presidents of each ASPA affiliate have a place on the ASPA Board with additional places allowed under the Constitution to bring the necessary expertise onto the Board.

We enjoy a unique partnership with the National Training Centre for Secondary School Principals (NTCSSP), which operates out of the East China Normal University in Shanghai and we signed an eight year Memorandum of Agreement in 2014 to formalise and continue this partnership.

At ASPA, we are proud of the hard work we have done – both in Australia and overseas – in developing leadership capacity in as many secondary schools as possible. This will continue to be a focus of ours as we move into the future.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing high quality, government secondary education to young people no matter what their geographic, social or personal circumstances are.

Our Board Members

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Peter Mader

Board Chair – B.Ed. (Secondary)

Peter has been a director on the ASPA Board since 2015 and assumed the chairperson role at the beginning of 2022. He is passionate about strong governance and ensuring boards play their role in achieving the objectives of organisations.​

Peter is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Flinders University where he is completing his thesis, “Principal Associations: an agonistic struggle over public educations policy 1995-2020”. He also operates as a leadership consultant – The Principal’s Craft – supporting principals, deputy principals and executive teams to be the best they can possibly be.

From 2015 – 2021, Peter was the President of the South Australian Secondary Principals’ Association (SASPA).  He has been a secondary principal in Whyalla at Stuart High School (2001), and at two large Adelaide suburban schools, Salisbury East High School (2002-2006) and Hamilton Secondary College (2008 – 2014).

Peter’s educational interests include futures focused leadership, curriculum innovation, school improvement and accountability, and principals’ voice in how education policy is formed, settled and enacted.

Andrew Pierpoint

President (Executive Director) -​ B.Sc, Dip.Ed, FACEL

Andrew Pierpoint is President of the Australian Secondary Principals’ Association – the peak body for School Leaders across Australia. He previously was President of the Queensland Secondary Principals’ Association for four (4) years.

Andrew has had extensive experience, over 35 years, in High Schools as a science teacher, Head of Department Science, Deputy Principal and Principal as well as having several system positions in the support of Principals. Throughout his career, Andrew has worked in complex rural and remote communities through to large regional and metropolitan schools. He has led communities and reference groups at district, regional, state and national levels.

Andrew’s special interests are the provision of professional learning for school leaders, Principal Health and Wellbeing and is highly active in school sport.

Andrew has demonstrated a passion for State education in Queensland for many years and possess an excellent understanding of the Principalship from first hand experience. Most importantly, Andrew has a genuine desire to make a real difference for School Leaders in the application of their ever increasing, complex roles in schools and the broader community.

Armando Giglia

President, Western Australian Secondary School Executives Association. BA (Econ/Hist) Grad Dip Ed

Armando Giglia is President of the Western Australian Secondary School Executives Association (WASSEA) which represents Western Australian public secondary school principals and deputy principals. As a WASSEA Board member for over eighteen years, including the previous eight as Treasurer, he has represented the interests of WASSEA members on a variety of reference groups and committees and has previously represented WASSEA as a delegate on ASPA working parties.  He is an advocate for a strong, viable public education system, where proactive leaders support each other through professional knowledge, collegiality and networking.
Armando has worked in a number of regional and metropolitan schools in his many years as a school administrator and has also held advisory and development roles within the Western Australian Department of Education as a School Development Officer and Principal Consultant. Having spent the majority of his near 40 year education career in lower SEI communities, he is passionate about equity in education and ensuring opportunities for all.

Prior to taking up the presidency of WASSEA in May 2018, Armando was the Foundation Principal of Butler College, a 2000 student Year7-12 senior high school which includes a fully integrated, purpose-built education support facility for very high need students with physical or intellectual disability.  In 2017 he was nominated for and won the Western Australian Public Education Secondary School Principal of the Year Award.

Armando has a special interest in the recognition of the need to acknowledge the complex nature of school leadership, the health and wellbeing of school leaders and for the need to prepare and nurture the next generation of school administrators. He is also a self-confessed cricket tragic.

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Jayne Heath

SASPA Chief Executive

Jayne brings to the role of SASPA Chief Executive some 43 years of experience in South Australian public schools, of which 25 were in senior leadership roles. 

Jayne has been a member of the SASPA Board for more than 10 years and, for much of this time, has been the Convenor of SASPA’s Professional Learning Strategic and Conference Planning Groups. 
She has a Masters of Education (Professional Learning) and has exhibited a dedication and passion for high quality public education throughout her professional life. Jayne is an advocate for policy initiatives that better address issues of equity in education.

portrait robyn thorpe (Small) bw.jpg
Robyn Thorpe

Vice President of the Northern Territory Principals’ Association

Robyn is Vice President of the Northern Territory Principals’ Association, a cross sectoral school leader’s professional association for all schools in the Northern Territory. She has been an executive member of the Northern Territory Principals’ Association for the past 4 years.

Robyn has worked in several urban and rural/remote schools in the Northern Territory for the past 25 years. She has been a teacher, senior teacher, assistant principal and principal in 8 schools in the Top End across the stages of schooling. Robyn was the first principal in Australia to be recognised through the national Principal Certification process and holds Certified Practicing Principal status. She currently sits on the CPP Board. Throughout her career, Robyn has worked actively across professional networks and organisations to build relationships with others which builds capacity of teachers, leaders and systems, nationally and internationally. As a leader she is committed to building strong networks of educators with a focus on system improvement and innovation to achieve better outcomes for all students in an ever-changing world. 

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Sally Milbourne

President, Tasmanian Principals’ Association - B.Ed, M.Ed, Ed.D

Sally has taught and led in schools in rural and urban settings in Tasmania since 1979. As well as educational leadership roles in schools as Assistant Principal and Principal, Sally has undertaken a number of out of school positions including Professional Learning Leader and Visiting Principal at the University of Tasmania.  Sally was elected to the position of TPA President for 2019 and 2020.

Sally has particular interests in the provision of high-quality professional learning for school leaders, and principal health and wellbeing. 

Mark Breckenridge_edited.jpg
Mark Breckenridge

President, Queensland Secondary Principals’ Association -​ B.Ed, Dip. Teaching

Mark Breckenridge is President of the Queensland Secondary Principals’ Association taking up that position in January 2018.


Mark has more than thirty years of experience as Principal across a diverse range of schools from small one-teacher schools, P-10 rural through to regional and metropolitan high schools with large student enrolments.


During this wide-ranging career Mark has developed an appreciation for the complexities inherent in all schools, regardless of location or size. School leaders are the critical component in school success; addressing issues of complexity, building and sustaining relationships that help enable a culture of continuous improvement. As a Principal Mark sought to ensure that his schools were a place where community matters. He believes strongly in the value of partnerships across the community-with families, business and industry and the wider community. 


From his earliest years as a Principal Mark has actively engaged in building professional and collegial networks with his fellow school leaders. These networks have been an important element in Mark’s leadership journey and are a central focus of his work now as QSPA President.

Jodie Chapman

Executive Officer, to President Andrew Pierpoint Australian Secondary Principals Association

Jodie Chapman is currently acting in her role of Executive Officer for 12 months as from July 2018.


Jodie is based at Ferny Grove State High School and has been there for 5 years as Personal Assistant to the Executive Principal.


Even though she hasn’t worked in the Education Department for very long her role as PA in a school and her previous role at the State Library of Queensland working as Executive Officer to Jane Cowell, Director Regional access and public libraries and Kathy Hayter Director, Engagement and partnerships taught her lots of skills for her current role

Jodie has a passion for school sport especially AFL.