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The Leading Voice For Secondary Education in Australia



ASPA supports the joint Australian, state and territory government initiative "Be That Teacher" which highlights the value and importance of teachers and encourages Australians to consider a career in teaching.  We encourage everyone to get behind it.

ASPA promotes the professional interests of secondary school leaders and the advancement of the school communities they lead. You can connect with our work by subscribing!

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The Principal's Voice

Leaders of all Australia's Secondary Principals' Associations

All of us agree: equity for all of our young people must be the national priority. We can start by funding every public school to 100% of the School Resource Standard, as a minimum.

All the leaders of Australia’s public secondary school principals’ associations are united in support of public education.

An overworked school principal

The Australian Principal Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Survey 2023  highlights the ongoing stress experienced by principals and school leaders, with many recording their highest levels.

ASPA Urges Intervention on Principals' Health & Wellbeing.

A boy, man and woman holding up signs advocating for more teachers for public schools as part of the campaign

All public schools must be funded to 100% of the Schooling Resource Standard as a national priority. ASPA believes the Federal Government has an obligation to ensure that high quality public secondary education is provided to every young Australian.

National School Reform Agreement

An AI generated image of a high school student working on a laptop, with a colourful background depicting a futuristic world

We must ensure equitable access to the potential of AI for all our children and young people. Appropriate policy frameworks, resourcing and training for teachers and schools are required to adapt to AI applications in education.

AI in Schools

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