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August 2023

ASPA is concerned about occupational violence in schools and disrespect toward educators by some parents and community members. ASPA believes that principals should have the authority to limit access to schools for those demonstrating unsafe, threatening, or violent behaviour.

According to the ACU IPPE 2022 Principals' Health & Wellbeing Survey report, 1 in 3 principals experienced physical violence in 2021. This is unacceptable and highlights the need for action. ASPA supports the provisions in some jurisdictions such as Victoria and the ACT that allow principals to limit access to schools for parents, and members of the community following unsafe, threatening, or violent behaviour.

ASPA would like to see the next Education Minister’s Meeting consider supporting the introduction of nationally consistent approaches. Principals are responsible for ensuring a safe and healthy environment for students and staff. They should be empowered to take necessary measures to protect their school community from harm.

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