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The Future of Australian Education

Educators Shaping Public Discourse and Policy Direction
Friday 22nd March 2019       

The Peninsula Room, The National Museum of Australia, Canberra

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Symposium’s Purpose: 

To bring together the community of Australian educational leadership organisations and other key stakeholders to establish a common voice in response to the proposition that it is time for Australia’s educational leaders to be more active in shaping public discussion and influencing policy directions and settings.

Topics for Exploring:

  1. The impact of the standardised education regime on schools and school systems.

  2. A more futures-focussed education agenda.

  3. A unified professional voice: one that seeks to reclaim our role in the shaping of educational policy and influencing public debate.

To Prepare for this Symposium:

Delegates are asked to be familiar with the ASPA monograph - Beyond Certainty: A Process for Thinking About Futures for Australian Education – authored by Professor Alan Reid AM and available for free download.


Kerry O’Brien

Prominent Australian journalist and author

Professor Alan Reid AM

Professor Emeritus of Education at the University of South Australia

Professor Carmen Lawrence

Senior Honorary Research Fellow, School of Psychological Services, The University of Western Australia.

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