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ReadCloud listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in February 2018. Its proprietary eReading software is used in over 350 leading schools across Australia and by more than 100,000 students on any given day during term time. Having recently acquired the Australian Institute of Education and Training, a nationally accredited RTO, ReadCloud also offers VET in schools. Currently there are 47 digital courses on scope.

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Moneysmart for teachers - Helping teachers connect learning to life.


ASPA is proud to partner with ASIC’s Moneysmart for teachers program to build financial capability in young people. Moneysmart’s education program is developed for teachers, by teachers.

Across Australia teachers are bringing everyday financial topics into the classroom, boosting kids’ engagement and critical thinking.

With ready-to-use, hands-on classroom resources aligned with the curriculum, teachers can save time and focus on improving the student experience.

Teachers are increasing their own financial wellbeing through our accredited professional learning courses.


Coach Pty Ltd focuses on the one thing that most determines a productive, healthy, high-performing school community: the thousands of verbal and non-verbal interactions between members of the school community every day. Helping schools transform their communication culture sees schools and leadership teams flourish—unlocking their highest performance, one interaction at a time. Operating internationally, but with a foundation committed to Australian schools, Coach is the only company in Australia helping school leaders and staff transform their results by mastering communication behaviour— with unique, practical and research-based solutions that have been tried and tested for more than a decade.”  



SCHOOLZINE founder and CEO Phil Reardon is celebrating with the news his company has been awarded a supply arrangement that will see its services promoted by Education Queensland to all public schools.

One of the fastest growing digital school service providers, Maroochydore-based Schoolzine was awarded the Standing Offer Arrangement by Education Queensland last month.


EduTECH is an annual event that has been running for over 8 years and attracts over 10,000 people annually with 3 full days of professional development, including pre-event masterclasses, parallel conference streams, roundtables and breakout sessions.

EduTECH brings together ALL of education, including pre-school, school, tertiary and higher Ed, workplace learning and continued adult education for the BIGGEST expo and congress in Asia Pacific.

The event has become so popular that we have grown to include the Learn@Work event for training and development managers, and the EduBUILD stream for educational buildings and infrastructure.


Delegates attend EduTECH’s International Congress to learn and be inspired by world-leading education experts; past speakers included Sir Ken Robinson, Pasi Sahlberg and Prime Minister Julia Gillard.



LearnTech Lab is a boutique advisory firm whose mission is to connect the ideas, people and businesses with the schools who are reimagining the future of education. We help school leaders, entrepreneurs, government and investors transform learning, teaching and leading by providing access to emerging technologies via a unique sandbox environment and through customised market intelligence that surfaces high-impact opportunities and informs strategic decision-making. Through our deep connections in the Australian and international K12 education technology and innovation ecosystems, our partnerships are transforming education so that the learners, teachers and leaders of today can thrive in an exponential future.


We believe that education changes the world.

Every day, educators are listening, encouraging, instructing and teaching; every day, educators are shaping the young humans that will eventually shape our society.

While Teachers On Net might not appear to be a part of all of that, we also believe that every interaction we have with education ultimately has an impact on the classroom.

Whether it’s helping a teacher find their ideal role or assisting a school place a last-minute ad for an unexpected vacancy, we’re driven by our passion for supporting education.

Teachers On Net has been open for business since 1999. We’re 100% Australian owned and operated, with all development carried out in Australia.

ASPA is proud to partner with The Wealth Academy, an education company focused on developing the financial life skills of Australian secondary school students. 

Our members need access to resources and expertise that can respond quickly to the ever-changing landscape of the financial world. Our students need behaviours, knowledge and skills to help filter, interrogate and decipher information that will help them to make informed financial decisions in their future.


As such, ASPA welcomes the support of The Wealth Academy and its corporate partners in helping our members to provide a better, preferred financial future for all students in government secondary schools.

Corporate Supporters


Aspirations4Kids in Sport assists Queensland School children who face unique challenges of hardship, disabilities, chronic illness, and remote living issues.

We provide funding and support services to improve lives through the positive influence of sport.

We see that sport can be the vehicle to enhancing lives and creating new life changing opportunities.


Tennis Australia is the governing body of tennis and is proud to support the education sector through schools and their communities. At Tennis we strongly believe in the notion of play and how ‘playing’ makes life better. And this commences from an early age in schools with the implementation, delivery and support of sustainable programs through Health and Physical Education (HPE) and sport. 

At the forefront of our Tennis for Secondary Schools program is an educative approach which ensures all students are able to participate whilst meeting the Australian Curriculum HPE (AC:HPE) Achievement Standards. With a focus on holistic development including the social, psychological, cognitive and physical domains, our programs encourage students to live an active and healthy life.


This year on National Bandanna Day, CanTeen celebrated 25 years of supporting young people between the ages of 12-25 who are dealing with cancer.  Every year, 23,000 young Australians either have a parent with cancer, are diagnosed with cancer themselves, are dealing with a sibling’s cancer, or are coping with the death of a parent or sibling.  CanTeen is here to help you and the wider school community support students who are affected by cancer in the following ways: READ MORE...


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SchoolTV - because parenting doesn’t come with instructions, SchoolTV delivers a unique, digital platform that streamlines wellbeing for school communities.

With simple integration and seamless administration, SchoolTV offers credible information and practical strategies from trusted sources, whilst complementing other wellbeing programs in schools. It provides regular topical information and updates on current issues affecting today’s youth. 

The vast amount of information available relating to mental health and wellbeing, can often be overwhelming and confusing. SchoolTV streamlines this process, bringing together the best bits of information on a single topic or current event.

SchoolTV provides invaluable support to wellbeing team members and is an essential resource for adult-carers, parents and other staff. SchoolTV can be customised for an audience, acting as a barometer of a community’s state of wellbeing through its ability to present analytics and reporting.

At a time when the wellbeing of our youth has never been more challenging, SchoolTV delivers accessible and empowering information –– any where, any time.

Featuring renowned youth and adolescent psychologist, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, SchoolTV offers clear, relevant and fact-based resource in order to raise happy, safe and resilient young people.

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Murrimatters delivers programs for organisations facing complex challenges


Our clients include schools, community organisations, NGOs and government


Specialists in facilitating change in organisational culture


Providers of cultural awareness training


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