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Soft Leadership Skills for Established Principals

No matter how long they have been in the role, great principals keep on fine-tuning their leadership skills. This program gives you the chance to refresh and develop your leadership through working with a professional leadership coach. You will start by reflecting on your leadership, discuss your insights with your coach and then co-create a coaching journey to meet your needs, typically drawing from two of the modules below. Your coaching sessions will help you both to widen your leadership skillset and to tackle immediate challenges you are facing.


Influencing Others

How to really engage those in your team and develop rapport with your stakeholders
by understanding other people’s perspectives.


The Coach in Me

Introducing the essentials of
coaching, how to hold coaching
conversations and helping
you to uncover your natural
coaching style.


Inspirational Leadership

Uncovering your core values and bringing these to life to create a compelling vision that will inspire.


Leading Improvement

Using the breakthrough thinking cycle to avoid falling into the five common traps
that limit school improvement efforts.


Personal Resilience

How to manage your state and respond with authority and empathy under pressure.


Giving and Receiving Feedback

Supporting you to develop the skills and confidence to hold feedback conversations that result in positive change.


Breaking Through Difficult

How you can improve your relationships with challenging people by changing patterns of misunderstanding and
power dynamics.


Leading Change

Being clear on the difference you want to make and how you will bring this to life using the full range of change levers.


Innovation Thinking

How to see issues in new ways and challenge your school’s thinking, using the three I’s of inquisitiveness, insight and


Building My Leadership Style

Bringing your whole self into your leadership, warts and all, to develop a leadership style that is uniquely yours.

Cheaper than leaving school for training, and so much more effective – I learnt the tools, tried them out and refined my approach with my coach. Brilliant!


Established Principals


5 coaching sessions with online learning


$995 + GTS (30 minute coaching sessions)
$1,495 +GST (60 minute coaching sessions)

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