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A typical coaching program will last several months and involve a series of telephone coaching sessions. Online learning helps you get the most from every coaching session, offering you leading-edge tools and insights, leadership resource materials and reflection exercises.

Coaching enables you to apply your learning directly on the job… and sessions are booked at times to suit you, avoiding the disruption and expense of taking time out of school.

You can enrol at any time. This time next week you could be speaking with your personal coach. So what are you waiting for?


This is learning at its most personal and relevant. You can expect a top quality professional coach who is passionate about supporting you to make the changes you want. You can expect them to quickly understand your context and to be someone you can talk openly to about sensitive and difficult issues. And you can expect tangible help thinking through the challenges that are most relevant to your role.


It isn’t all up to you and your coach. We’ve researched each leadership subject and put together a program full of insight, tools, ideas and exercises. Online pre-work ahead of each coaching session will invite you to apply these insights and tools in your work context. You and your coach will then be able to use this to get the most from your coaching sessions.t to your role.


Most education leaders we work with are time poor. They want professional development that is targeted to their needs and accessible when they need it. They don’t want the disruption and expense of leaving their school or workplace to attend a training day. Coaching offers an alternative on-the-job learning experience, where you can schedule coaching sessions at times to suit you and apply your learning immediately on the job.

This program is for those new to people leadership ensuring they avoid common mistakes and become confident and effective in their new roles as quickly as possible.

Key Learning Objectives


  • Understanding the pitfalls of becoming a people leader and how to avoid them

  • Knowing what kind of a leader you want to be and how to make it happen

  • Feeling more confident acting as a leader and dealing with others with patience and authority

  • Learning effective tools for engaging others

  • Feeling confident dealing with key people management situations

Leading Others

Coaching for senior leaders to find their leadership purpose, personal resilience and develop followership in the organisation.

Key Learning Objectives


  • Finding your spark and learning how to be impactful and inspirational much more of the time

  • Getting clear on the changes you want to make and how to bring them about

  • Becoming aware of what holds you back as a leader

  • Significantly increasing your impact on others

  • Engaging and inspire those who work with you


This program is designed to help leaders to engage, motivate and involve their teams It gets to the heart of motivation and how, as leaders, to tap into this.

Key Learning Objectives


  • Learning how to engage others

  • Gaining the ability to stay open and resourceful with challenging people

  • Understanding inclusive leadership and how to engage people differently

  • Learning effective questions that get to the root of individuals concerns

  • Feeling confident giving sensitive messages in a powerful way

  • Knowing how to run a team meeting that engages others

Engaging My Team

This program offers personal coaching support to those dealing with the extra pressures of leading in more isolated settings - competing demands from stakeholders, challenging community dynamics and the need to raise educational attainment.

Key Learning Objectives


  • Focusing in on a difficult relationship and getting clear on some realistic goals

  • Developing and committing to a clear plan of action to shift the relationship dynamic

  • Becoming more aware of how you respond to particular people, and how to better manage your state when faced with conflict

  • Learning a process to step into another person’s shoes and experience their world

  • Widening your strategies to cope with future challenging relationships

Leading in Remote Schools

This program is designed to help you maintain your resilience and lead for a balanced life It is designed around getting the most out of your energy and resourcefulness.

Key Learning Objectives


  • Having reflected on what balance means to you and how you’d like to re-prioritise your life

  • Developing a clear vision for what you want and how to move towards it

  • Understanding what can undermine your best intentions and how to overcome this


Learn to coach by being coached This program is for leaders who are committed to developing the talent in their team Tap into your natural coaching style and learn from a professional leadership coach.

Key Learning Objectives


  • Unlocking the potential in team members, helping them get more confident and competent in their job

  • Tapping into your natural coaching style to hold great coaching conversations

  • Knowing how to succeed with more challenging individuals

  • Learning the art of coaching by experiencing a professional coach in action


This program is designed to help leaders strengthen core capabilities of influencing, holding your authority and leveraging your network to create genuine support from key stakeholders whilst navigating potential conflict.

Key Learning Objectives


  • Being aware of different influencing approaches and how to maximise them

  • Knowing the impact you want to have across the organization

  • Being more confident leading up and across

  • Being able to constructively leverage conflict to create better outcomes

Influence and Impact

This popular program supports Principals and other senior leaders to make a successful transition into a new role, make sense of their new context and establish themselves with colleagues.

Key Learning Objectives


  • Getting clear on priorities for action

  • Becoming aware of how you deal with pressure

  • Learning how to manage your state

  • Reflecting on your core values and how to build these into your leadership brand

  • Using the 3 B’s model to get clear on the Building Blocks, Buy In and Behaviour you need to make your vision a reality

  • Identifying key relationships that you need to invest in

  • Being more confident in working with challenging individuals

New Leaders

The Leading Change program is designed to support you, both personally and professionally, as you strive to bring about lasting change within your organisation.

Key Learning Objectives


  • Using a diagnosis tool to reflect on your own change leadership style

  • Getting clear on the change you want to bring about and how to communicate the vision to others

  • Developing strategies to lead others through change (and to influence key individuals or groups)

  • Being able to develop a clear and complete change plan

Leading Change

This program is specially designed to support leaders who are struggling with one or more challenging individuals in their teams The coaching journey will not fix your people problems, but it will give you a much clearer sense of how best to approach this leadership challenge.

Key Learning Objectives


  • Focusing in on a difficult relationship and getting clear on some realistic goals

  • Developing and committing to a clear plan of action to shift the relationship dynamic

  • Becoming more aware of how you respond to particular people, and how to better manage your state when faced with conflict

  • Learning a process to step into another person’s shoes and experience their world

  • Widening your strategies to cope with future challenging relationships

Managing Difficult People

This program is for education leaders who are committed to developing the talent of those in their school but who find performance conversations daunting or difficult.

Key Learning Objectives


  • Learning how to build a performance leadership approach in your school

  • Understanding how to deliver non-judgemental feedback in a way that has impact and enables others to improve their performance

  • Identifying two people whom you would like to manage more effectively, and planning your approach with the support of your coach

  • Preparing and delivering a real performance conversation

  • Tapping into your natural coaching style to help develop potential in others

Managing Performance

Our executive coach team has long-standing experience in coaching Secretaries of Education, Chief Education Officers and Directors who are striving to create systems-level change.

Our coaches understand the political context in which education executives operate, the impact of policy changes and the challenges of implementation across a complex and diverse education system Many coaches themselves have first-hand experience in executive roles.

Key Learning Objectives


  • REVOLUTION - creating business level change

  • TRANSITION - Supporting newly appointed Executives

  • DISCOVERY - Enabling you to make a sustained shift in your leadership practice

  • SYSTEMS LEADERSHIP - Creating shared purpose, catalysing change and strategic agility

Executive Coaching

Spark is a unique professional and personal development program, offering teachers a rare opportunity to reflect and get clear on how they can thrive despite the challenges of the role.

Key Learning Objectives


  • Becoming more aware of your state and how to manage this

  • Understanding the Mindtraps that hold you back from being at your best and dealing with everyday pressures

  • Realising what motivates you and exploring how to bring more of your ‘spark’ into your work

  • Learning some practical tools to help you deal with difficult people, whether they are parents, colleagues or students

Spark for Teachers