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SASPA is an advocate for public education by:
Further developing the capacity of principals and their executive teams who are leading the continuous improvement of teaching and learning in secondary schools. 
Providing networks for secondary educational practice to be shared and celebrated
enhancing the profession (and the system in which the profession works).


The Northern Territory Principals’ Association is:
A viable, independent, credible professional association
Recognised as a key stakeholder in Northern Territory Education
Committed to the application of the National Professional Standard for Principals


The Queensland Secondary Principals’ Association is the professional association for Principals, Deputy Principals and Heads of Department in government secondary schools in Queensland.

A fundamental belief of QSPA is that Department of Education schools exist to provide the best possible education for all young people in their care.

QSPA is affiliated with the Australian Secondary Principals’ Association (ASPA) which is a charter member of the International Confederation of Principals.


ACTPA members are principal and deputy principal school leaders working in all sectors of Canberra's public education system.


The ACTPA Executive structure consists of two co-presidents, and two vice co-presidents representing Primary and Secondary schools.


There are 14 elected committee members.


The Tasmanian Principals Association is a highly respected professional association which exists to provide support to public school leaders and a thriving public education system.


The TPA focuses on the highest quality leadership development. The TPA is recognised as a pivotal group in the formation of policy and strategic direction at departmental and government levels.


All sections of the media respect the professional, balanced voice of the Tasmanian Principals Association.


The Western Australian Secondary School Executives Association is the professional association representing the interests of Principals and Deputy Principals (or their equivalents) in government secondary schools.

The Association is formally recognised locally by Government, the Department of Education, the School Curriculum and Standards Authority, WACSSO, the non-government school sector, the media and by many community organisations as the body which speaks for secondary principals and deputy principals.

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